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I’m a big liar! Intermittent? I know I know. But I’m back and fighting jetlag. I had an amazing time in the Philippines and have a lot of things to talk about. So now it’s food time…

First day back and a noodle dish? No, no, no, my friends, this is an Andrew-Zimmern-bizarre-foods-type of a dish. This was one of the first things that I ate when I got there. Not necessarily because I was looking for it. I’ve had it maybe once before and that was a long long time ago. Before it was presented in front of me I have forgotten about lukot and wouldn’t have been able to tell you what it was. This was served to us by The Girl’s Aunt, who is a great cook. I thought it was a noodle dish at first until I started eating it and quickly realized that it wasn’t regular noodles.

So what is lukot really? The word lukot in Bisaya means to roll. I guess it looks like it’s rolled up into a ball of thread? Digging a little deeper with questions and a little internet probing I found that this is what comes out of dunsol or sea hare. It pretty much is a sea snail looking thing (not pretty looking at all). Not sure really as to why this comes out of the sea hare. I’ve gathered two explanations one is that lukot is poop and the other is that it is a secretion as a defense mechanism OR maybe they poop in their defense. Great! You don’t really see this too far away from the wet fish markets. You won’t find these in a menu at a restaurant in Cebu City or in a supermarket (none that I’ve seen at least).

So what does it taste like? Honestly, it doesn’t taste much of anything. However, it has a gelatinous texture to it if you put a big wad of it in your mouth. I ate this up in blissfully ignorant of its poopiness. You can prepare this kinilaw or just like we had it in a soup. I have to say though, the soup, was amazing! It is how a seafood soup should taste like. You can smell and taste the sea with each higop (slurp) of the soup. The tahong (mussels) and lukot were the main ingredients with a little bit of tomato and scallions. This was certainly an excellent start to a food trip.


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10 Responses to “Lukot”

  1. Wow that is wild…you could have told me those were egg-based noodles and fooled me completely. Andrew Zimmern would have surely gobbled those up in no time. Great pics!

  2. Lukot is also very good with tinolang isda.. that’s how my father likes it.. but the lukot I’m familiar with though is greenish in color. hmmmn… look at how fresh the tahong and lukot looks!

  3. Maddy, that’s what I thought as well before I bit into it. :)

    Jescel, i think the color is dictated by what the dunsol eats.

  4. It seems you had a wonderful culinary vacation. Those “noodles” look interesting and delicious..I’m sure I would love them too.:)

  5. Arniel chico Says:

    Sa laktod nga pagkasulti ang LUKOT ta-i gyod ni siya sa Donsol. Mao nga haom gyod kuno kaayo ang ngalan nga Donsol (Sama sa DonFacundo, DonElizalde, etc mga big shot ba ingon nila) aning mananapa diaw ba nimo nga ang iyang ta-i maka-on man.

    Kusuga nako mokilaw ani sa una diretso wa suka-suka. Adto dyod sa hunasan ba inig kuha dapal dayon. pero pagkasayod nako nga ta-i gyod ni siay medyo, o-oh. Pero kaon gihapon.

  6. Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  7. LUKOT are the harvested eggs of the sea-hare. Period.

  8. ador rivera peptito Says:

    lukot is a egg mass of a wedge sea hare Dolabella auricularia (Lightfoot, 1786) it contains 13 amino acids of which 6 are essential and 7 are non essential.

  9. ador rivera peptito Says:

    sorry mali pala english ko an egg mass pala dapat yon….

  10. NICE!! I’ve already tried it and it’s kinda delicious! I also thought that “Lukot” was it’s (sea hare) excreta.. XD

    @Jesse: I guess that Sea hares comes from egg strings? is that right?

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