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If there is one fruit that I miss the most and is not available here where I live it’s lanzones (lansium domesticum or langsat in Malay). The sweet translucent meat is so good. Like most fruits the seed is very bitter. But if the fruit is small enough the seed will be soft and chewy and not bitter. So as a little kid I made a game of trying to find the right size where you can still eat the seeds and not have to spit it out but big enough that you have a lot of meat. I could eat several kilos of these. They’re so good and right about now i’m truly missing them. This is certainly one of my favorite fruits. I think it has an excellent flavor and texture. What fruit from your childhood that comes to mind right now?

Why can’t this be found here in NYC? is there some sort of ban? If anybody knows please let me know.

lanzones 1

20 Responses to “Lanzones”

  1. Oh my goodness…This blog has just conjured images of my mom, my sister and I consuming a box of lanzones!!! My mom used to be a personnel officer and she would be given “gifts” in the form of fruits from other workers who were assigned in the farms. Now, I might get bashed here but even though people from Camiguin claim that theirs is sweet due to the volcanic soil of the province, I think that lanzones coming from Bukidnon and other municipalities in Misamis Oriental were comparable to Camiguin lanzones :) Fruit from my childhood that comes to mind right now is santol (sandoricum koetjape)!!! We used to harvest sackfuls from my late grandfather’s “la guerta” in Bukidnon. I’d dare myself to swallow the seeds sometimes despite my gran’s warnings of the seeds getting stuck in my throat. Since there were lots and lots of fruits, we’d usually “dolce” or make santol jam and that was a great dessert for me. Hmmm…maybe I’ll check out santol in the Asian food market next time…

  2. Oh, yes. Lanzones is up there on the list of fruits I miss. Several years ago, my mom found these in the frozen aisle of a Thai market. Of course I had to have some, even though they were frozen. The taste was just as I remember but the texture was somewhat funky, I guess from being previously frozen. Maybe you might want to check other Asian markets, not just the Filipino ones. Also I don’t remember what months lanzones are in season, more chance you’ll find them at the peak of the season. Unless there is an actual ban in NYC :( Goodluck on your search.
    About childhood fruit I miss, atis would be the ones I miss the most. Loved to pick out the scales one at a time as I eat them. I don’t think I’ve seen atis here in LA at all. Guyabano is another one, they’re called Cherimoya here but I don’t get to have them often cuz there are so expensive.

  3. I wonder how I can manage to hop a plane and spend the weekend in Pinas. I love love love lanzones… and it pains me that I can’t get any here in Chicago so don’t feel like you’re alone!

  4. I remember this riddle when I was a kid. In the Land, there’s a Zoo, in the Zoo, there’s a Nest. LANZONES, haha! It’s not yet season here for the fruit so I miss it too. When I was a kid, Lola would buy Lanzones by ganta, yummy! I’d feel sorry if the ganta’s already empty. Parang gusto kong hindi mauubos yong lanzones talaga.

    I am passing you an award in appreciation. Just check it in my page. Thanks

  5. these look so beautiful…and now i’m dying of curiosity! you should write in to martha stewart’s show and ask about where to get some lanzones…she’s a tad crazy, but i’ll bet that she’ll hunt them down for you. it’d be worth a try!

    (thanks for swinging by my blog…i hope you enjoy the taste of clouds)

  6. We used to have bushels of this stuff at home. Now I can’t remember that last time I had some. I hope there’s no ban in the US or whatever.

  7. Those look so good!!! It’s been over a year since I last had one! That and batchoy are the 2 things I have to eat within the first 12 hours of arriving in PI.

  8. Oh my. Lanzones certainly brings back good memories for me. And Atis too! And sadly, I’ve never seen either in my 17 years in the U.S. (not that I’ve been actively looking).

    Great site! I will be sure to check often. :-)

  9. i miss this place.

  10. OH!!!! I miss Langsat too! they have it in Malaysia……

  11. LANZONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love lanzones! I haven’t had them for more than 20 years, I think. And I don’t even know if they have an English name and hence, can’t describe it to anybody! Needless to say, we can’t really find it here.

  12. I haven’t seen lanzones here either. About 10 years ago I got excited when I spied a plate of lanzones in a Thai restaurant only to find out they were not real and made of some rubbery material.:)

    One of the fruits I miss is macopa.

  13. OMG!! O.O Lanzones!! I like them so much. Just like you, Pao, I used to pick the small ones and swallow the seeds with pride. lol. I never got tired of eating lanzones.

    I miss a lot of fruits like chicos, tambis, mangustan and nangka (apil na ang linung-ag nga liso!) xD

  14. my favorite fruit.

  15. i did some inquiries awhile back about why we can’t get them in the US. Apparently it’s because they can’t be safely transported without fear of spiders/bugs hanging out in the bushels Lanzones grow in. Lame. There has got to be way!

  16. Mmm… lanzones and rambutan… love them!

    I haven’t had lanzones in a while, but I did find rambutan at a farmer’s market in Costa Rica. Educating the hubby on how to eat them was fun.

    I think I actually prefer rambutan to lanzones for the chewy-ness, but the seeds are actually easier when it comes to the lanzones. Rambutan has a larger, fibrous seed that sticks to the meat.

  17. You can get these at the Chinatown markets everywhere. Enjoy.

  18. I found lanzones in Chinatown here in Victoria, BC a week ago. It was never a favourite when I was growing up because I hate the seeds, they are as bitter as hell. Maybe because I was slightly nostalgic for good old Laguna’s lanzones, I bought a pound and oh god, the first one was heaven, it sure brought back memories but as I keep eating and I mistakenly took a good bite out of one of the seeds, I started to hate the stuff again. Well, bitter sweet memories indeed.

  19. Go to Canada. They have lanzones, atis, chico, guyabano, rambutan, kaimito as well. They have them in Vancouver as well as Toronto. I’m pretty sure they have them all over Canada. Good Luck.

  20. Hi,

    I wanted to know what your terms are for using the above pictures of lanzones (if they are yours) for a lanzone recipe in my upcoming recipe book. If you have used them from elsewhere, could you please direct me?

    Many thanks,


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